XCN 2050 Display Software Update from Version 2.5

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XCN 2050 Display Software Update from Version 2.5

Post by Allison Fox on Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:09 pm

1. Got to Dealer Portal
2. Log in
3. Click on AFS tab
4. on the right side of the page click CNH Precision Farming Store
5. Click CNH Partners in the top right corner of the page
6. Click Info my subject, Technical support and then Software Downloads
7. Click XCN 2050 Display Software Downloads
8. Download version 4.6.1 UPX file onto a 4GB Flashdrive
9. Also download the highest version available in ZIP format (do NOT unzip it)
10. Go to the display
11. Go to settings
12. Click Firmware Upgrades
13. Follow the steps it provides to update it
14. Once at version 4.6.1 Go to the App Central
15. Select the + sign on the bottom right corner of the screen
16. Select the SD Card Icon
17. On the left side select USB Drive
18. Select Firmware
19. Select Review
20. Go through steps to update to the highest version
21. Go to GNSS Edit
22. Correction Services
23. Pick RTK as the correction type

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